The Video Content Management System - Notion Template

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Are you finding it hard to stay consistent with video content?

There are so many steps, it's difficult to complete any project in one session.

With multiple projects on the go, it's also hard to know where any of these are at.

Add in content marketing on top of that; it's no wonder this becomes overwhelming.

Solution: The Video Content Management System

I felt the same way, so I created this Notion template to help me track and manage each stage of the video production process from beginning to end, including everything from ideas to filming, editing, finalizing descriptions, promotions, and repurposing.

Who is this for?

I created this to help with managing the production of my long and short-form video content for YouTube, but it is also useful for any video production (including platforms such as Instagram and TikTok). And it's ideally suited for creators like me, who have one primary video content platform (e.g., YouTube) but also repurpose the same content elsewhere (e.g., IG, Twitter, Pinterest).

What Are the Features & Benefits?

  • Stop the overwhelm: Break your projects down into manageable chunks and track your daily progress. You can account for each stage of the production process and the percentage completed. This will help you remain organized, stay motivated, and keep the momentum going.
  • Know where each project is in the process: Get an instant overview of what's completed across several video projects to help plan your workflow more efficiently. This allows you to "fit in" production activities as opportunities arise and gather related activities together when you are ready to batch film, edit, cross-promote, and so on.
  • Maximize visibility: With so much going on with production alone, we often don't do as much as we could in promoting our videos. This tool can help you avoid missed opportunities by tracking the completion of promotional posts and repurposing efforts for both long and short-form pieces of video content.

Try It Out For Yourself!

Take control of your video content production process and put consistency of output within reach for yourself.

This tool has helped me a lot, and I bet it can help you too! Grab yours today.

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A Notion template that will help boost the consistency of your video content creation and promotion processes for both long and short-form video content

Capture all your ideas in one place
Track all stages of the video production process
Plan production activities that fit with your schedule
Build momentum for completion by doing a little each day
Know what videos have been promoted where and how

The Video Content Management System - Notion Template

0 ratings
I want this!